Breaking Down Barriers

Why we do what we do

Steven Derby, Celia McGuinness and Anthony Goldsmith formed Derby, McGuinness & Goldsmith, LLP to dedicate our combined talents and experience in the service of disability rights law and advocacy.

Our firm brings our collective legal talents, our personal attention and our passion to each matter we handle. Each case is staffed and managed by two of our firm’s partners. This assures that when you work with us, you will always be able to reach an attorney who is directly and personally responsible for your matter. With offices in Northern and Southern California, we are positioned to assist clients throughout the State.

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I was facing discrimination by my Homeowner’s Association, which refused to grant an accommodation for my medical condition. After going through a list of several hundred attorneys, I came across Celia McGuinness.   From the very beginning, I felt like Ms. McGuinness was the perfect attorney for me.  She has outstanding communication skills, is a keen listener, was very empathetic and supportive throughout the process. She had a clear plan and her legal acumen is outstanding.  Not only does Ms. McGuinness possess a plethora of knowledge and intimate understanding about state and federal disability rights laws, she also has a very deep appreciation and is extremely passionate about disability rights issues.  Ms. McGuinness is very warm, candid, friendly, accessible, and professional.  Not only did Ms. McGuinness win my case, she did it with grace, humility, confidence, and brilliance.  I highly recommend DMG Law Firm and if I ever need a disability rights attorney again, I will retain Ms. McGuinness.  
Celia was a wonderful advocate who truly works to make the world more accessible. Undertaking a lawsuit can be an intimidating pursuit, but she was immensely supportive and patient, explaining the steps and processes along the way. She fought to resolve our case with the best possible outcome, to which I am eternally grateful.
I've enjoyed the services of Atty Anthony Goldsmith for nearly a decade. Not only does he provide insightful courses of action in which to take, he's fully aware of all existing laws in the area of one's need. He's, no doubt, one of the best Civil Rights and Disability Rights attorneys in the state of California, if not the nation. Of the thousands of professionals I've met in a handful of careers that I've had, my only wish is that they all would have had his competence, his skill level, and his positive moral compass. I would recommend his legal services to anyone who has been 'wronged' in any situation.
I have personally known as well as having been represented by Mr. Goldsmith for many years. The passion for justice, fairness and access is lived every day by Mr. Goldsmith. This transfers to his representation of person's with disAbility and those who have been unjusty discriminated against in the courtroom. Mr. Goldsmith's character and dedication to the practice of law is of the highesat calibre. Best of all, Mr. Goldsmith's heart is invested in his clients.
I have known Steve Derby for over 25 years, since we shared office space in Walnut Creek. I am a civil appeals attorney. We would discuss our cases with each other and hold moot courts for our cases on a number of occasions. Steve has, as long as I've known him, vigorously, effectively, and in the most ethical manner, fought for the rights of those injured by the fault of others, or who were discriminated against due to their disability. I know Steve's family and I know the issue of disability is personal and close to his heart. Years ago I referred my daughter to Steve for a personal injury matter and would not hesitate to recommend someone now who has encountered wrongful barriers based on their disability.