ACCESS DENIAL Suffered by People with Disabilities

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We are committed to ensure that people with disabilities live full, independent lives and contribute to their communities. We enforce the Americans with Disabilities Actand other federal and State disability rights laws to remove physical barriers to access in businesses, hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and entertainment venues of all sorts. Our first priority is working to ensure that barriers are removed so that our clients, and all those who come after, are ensured of full and equal access in the future.

In addition, as trial lawyers experienced both in disability rights and personal injury law, we are able to maximize the recovery for our injured clients. A plaintiff injured by disability discrimination may have remedies not available in garden-variety personal injuries cases. Our experience as disability rights counsel also gives us an unparalleled understanding of how to work with clients who have complex health and medical histories that many attorneys can’t readily comprehend. When a person with a disability is injured because of a violation of disability rights laws, it is important to select a law firm that understands the nuances of these unique cases. We do.

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Open Feet in Access Denial